School Day

Start End
8.40am 8.45am Time to Move
8.45am 9.05am Morning registration, Assembly or Tutor Time
9.05am 9.10am Time to Move
9.10am 10.10am Period 1
10.10am 10.15am Time to Move
10.15am 11.15am Period 2
11.15am 11.35am Mid-Morning Break
11.35am 12.35pm Period 3
12.35pm 1.15pm Lunch Break
1.15pm 2.15pm Period 4
2.15pm 2.20pm Time to Move
2.20pm 3.20pm Period 5
3.20pm End of School Day

Our fortnightly timetable (weeks A&B) commences in September (Week A).  The following week is Week B, and the pattern repeats throughout the school year.  Holiday weeks are not included in the A-B pattern – if a term or half term ends in Week A, the following term or half term will automatically commence with Week B, and vice versa.  Please be mindful of this when helping your child prepare for the school week ahead.