Behaviour Expectations

Our expectation is that students aspire to be the best version of themselves

Behaviour for Learning Expectations

At The County High School, Leftwich our expectation is that students aspire to be the best version of themselves, taking pride in their achievements whilst preparing for success both during their time with us and beyond. As such, we have 3 clear Behaviour Expectations for our students:

1. Be Ready to Learn
Attend regularly, punctually and dressed smartly; Be organised and equipped; Listen, question, think and work hard, showing initiative, commitment and resilience.

2. Be Respectful and Safe
Respect oneself, others and the environment; Understand, appreciate and celebrate diversity, showing kindness and empathy; Follow expectations for health and safety, acting responsibly to prevent risk of harm to oneself and others.

3. Embrace Opportunities
Participate in opportunities and enrichment activities in lessons and beyond; Take on leadership roles and responsibilities; Make positive contributions to our community and the wider world. By meeting these expectations, students will be fully equipped to develop their knowledge and skills; their character and their creativity and imagination.

In order to support students to develop their knowledge and skills; their character and their creativity and imagination and become the best version of themselves, members of staff are expected to:

1. Create a Positive and Ambitious Learning Environment for All
Providing effective support and opportunities for success whilst promoting resilience, confidence and independence

2. Build Trusting and Respectful Relationships
Whilst maintaining effective, consistent and safe routines, modelling high expectations for students’ behaviour, attitudes and personal development

3. Provide and Promote Enriching Learning Opportunities
Encouraging students to discover and develop their interests and talents, helping them to flourish as members of The County High School, Leftwich and beyond

By meeting these expectations with care and tenacity, we will grow a culture of excellence that raises each member of our community to be the best version of themselves.

Recognition and Rewards

Throughout school, we actively seek to recognise and reward students for their achievements and successes as they meet and exceed our expectations. Our aim in doing this is to foster a sense of recognition, pride, belonging and importance. Opportunities to recognise students and their steps towards achieving excellence are taken across the organisation by Subject Teachers, Form Tutors, Year Leaders and other members of staff, including members of the Senior Leadership Team and Headteacher.

Response to Behaviour Concerns

In most cases, behaviour concerns will be dealt with by the member of staff responsible for the lesson and responses will most commonly be applied by that member of staff. If students fall short of our 3 clear Behaviour Expectations, staff are encouraged to respond using a clear and consistent approach when dealing with concerns. Please see our Behaviour for Learning Policy which outlines this approach.


Behaviour for Learning