Mid-Year Reviews

Online Mid-Year Review

Mid-Year Review is the annual opportunity to meet with tutors. This year we are offering Mid-Year Reviews which are being held online at the end of the school day. This is an essential opportunity for parents/carers and students to meet with the tutor to discuss current progress and even more importantly, to plan how they can do even better in the second half of the year.

The school has an online booking system for appointments. This allows parents/carers to choose their own appointment time with the form tutor(s). Parents/carers will receive an email confirming their appointment(s). It will be possible to add a second parent/carer so that they can join from different locations and devices.

What will happen at the mid-year review meeting?

As part of our regular reporting to parents/carers, parents will receive their child’s Progress Report before the Mid-Year Reviews, indicating the progress made in the autumn term against targets. With this in mind, before the meeting, students will be encouraged by their tutor to reflect on their progress and consider academic and personal targets.

During the meeting there will be an opportunity to discuss how well students are engaging and progressing with remote learning then identify two ‘Academic Targets’ and a ‘Personal Challenge’ that will enable them to focus on key areas of development over the coming weeks.

The meetings with tutors will last for approximately 7 minutes in order that all students and parents/carers can be accommodated within the evenings. Should parents/carers need additional time, this can be arranged with the tutor. Queries or concerns will be passed on to subject teachers or an appropriate person*.

Please note that it is important that parents/carers are ready to begin the appointment ahead of the allotted slot because the system timer will begin at the exact time of the booking. There will be a visible countdown timer to show when the meeting will finish.

These meetings are designed to be positive and encouraging in tone, so that students leave the meeting feeling that support is in place and progress will be made.

At the mid-year review day students need to:-

  • Students are expected to join the Mid-Year Review appointment wherever possible, sitting at the same device with a parent/carer.
  • Identify two ‘Academic Targets’ and a ‘Personal Challenge’ with the support of parents/carers and tutor.
  • Following the meeting, students should record these targets on the Action Plan provided. This will be set as an assignment on Google Classroom.

Please Note:

Parents/carers are encouraged to contact subject teachers at any time during the school year to discuss any concerns as soon as they arise.