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Wednesday 6th May 2020

My top 10 tips

Good morning Year 10!

I have attached a PowerPoint with some really useful tips for coping with the current situation - credit goes to Mr Burns for the materials!

I'm not going to repeat what each one says as its all the PowerPoint, but I want to focus on a couple more this morning:

  • Get Dressed and Ready for the Day : "dress for the social life you want, not the social life you have" - if you change out of the PJs you're in, you'll be amazed how it changes how you approach the day - it says "I'm ready for the day"

  • Don't underestimate your diet : it's easy to get into the habit of staying in your PJs, staying indoors and snacking. Sure, its comforting, but its a short-term fix. Having something with more nutritional value than a pack of crisps and drinking more water will no doubt be beneficial!

  • Find your own space : I really like this one as it is important to put some me time aside, particularly if its been a stressful day. However, if you're indoors with lots of siblings, then maybe a pre-negotiated agreement of who gets to have the bedroom to themselves or the use of the TV for an hour may be useful! I grew up with 5 other siblings - I know how important it is to try and find your own space!

  • Please take time to read the PowerPoint when you've got a moment and think about a couple of things you want to work on today.

    As always, take care of yourself and those around you!

    Mr Jeffrey

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