Year 10 Tutor Time Resources

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning, Year 10!

I thought I would start by sharing the link to this video.

- I think it highlights some important messages.

Remember, as adults, we got into this profession because we wanted to help and support you and each one of us gets a sense of pride and enjoyment when we do teach and support you. Yes, we are still making sure there is work and help available for you, but its not the same as having you in the school building, sitting in our rooms. We want to support you as much as we can, so I don't want you to feel like its any sort of inconvenience to make contact with teachers - we'd jump at the chance to be of use!

Don't forget, we are all in the same lockdown situation, some of us with children and will know what you are going through and can guide you through this. Whatever happens, you will be stronger at the end of this and will have developed skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

Remember, this too shall pass.

Take care,

Mr Jeffrey

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