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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Learning at Home

Good morning on another beautiful morning!

Adjusting to this new routine is difficult, I mean you've only been doing the school routine since you were 5 years old, so I'm sure its easy to change, right? Well I can't imagine there is anyone here who could confidently say 'yes', though for some the reality of this change my take longer to sink in.

I've attached a document about working from home that I thought would be particularly useful to you. Please put time aside to read it and take careful note of what advice it offers. Remember what I said about working from home being very different than your school environment? For many of you, you will putting a great deal of pressure on yourselves and you need to be kinder to yourself and accept that you won't be able to do a full 5 hours a day and that its OK to have break to do something else. Staying indoors for a long period of time is hard enough, but on top of that you have school work, so please listen when I say "Look after you well being and make sure to spend time on yourself and others around you".

Coping Calendar: Write ten things you are grateful for in life and why - I wouldn't try to write this all at once, but whether you write it or think about it, take note of the things you took for granted and really do appreciate. Any suggestions? March Calendar: Make a list of amazing things you take for granted - I won't repeat myself as it crosses over with the Coping Calendar

If you haven't done so already, ring a family member or friend. When I called my Grandma in isolation in the Lake District yesterday, it really helped my well-being as I'm sure it did with her.

Take care and my regards to your friends and family.

Mr Jeffrey

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