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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Thank you for all of you that have replied to my request for new positive experiences - please keep them coming!

I was thinking this morning about first steps and how that initial step is sometimes the most difficult to make. Whether that is with starting work or trying something new, it's not always easy to jump that first 'hurdle'.

I've finally decided to sign up for my sign language course - why? Because it was just something different to try out and thought it would be definitely be useful to have those skills - but keep in mind, I have no sign language experience! This is a completely new and 'alien' experience.

When this comes to school work, I want you to remind you to stay in contact with staff. We are here to support you - so whether you are struggling to understand a task are worried about handing in a piece of work, please do let your teachers know.

So, your thought for the day from the Coping Calendar - Learn something new or do something creative. This doesn't have to be a whole new skill, but could be something new in your current field of interest, e.g. learn to play a new song, try a new recipe, watch a video on YouTube about to do something.

And to also cheer you up, here is Louie Armstrong's What a wonderful world, with a little twist!

Mr Jeffrey

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