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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Paving the Way Festival - mini guide

Good morning!

I hope you are all well on what looks to be a beautiful sunny day. If you decide to work outside, please wear suncream and avoid the glaring red face that I picked up the other day - not a good look.

I want to continue today thinking positively about your future. It terms of the current situation, its often about taking each day as it comes. However, this doesn't mean we can't think of the next year and beyond and I know some of you would appreciate a little inspiration and something to aim for.

Some of you will have seen that you were invited to the 'Careers' Google classroom - this is where updates can be found on the current Virtual Careers Festival. If anyone managed to get involved in yesterday's events, I would love to hear how it went.

Today's events include videos about working in the following sectors:

  • 10.00am - Manufacturing & Logistics

  • 11.00am - Digital & Technology

  • 12.00am - Finance & Law

  • 1.00pm - Science - I'm unashamedly going to suggest this one will be the highlight of the day - no bias here.

  • 2.00pm - Self Employment

  • 3.00pm - Uniformed Services & Third Sector

  • Please get yourself registered if you are interested - something may pique your interest or just give you a bit of guidance.

    Today's Music is : China Dolls by Tom Odell

    I'm now going to open up music suggestions to you - yes, that's right - you! You can now nominate songs for the year group to listen to for our Monday, Wednesday and Friday emails (I will of course have to check them first!).

    As always, please take care of yourself and those around you,

    Mr Jeffrey

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