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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Example Timetable

NHS hand washing technique

Good morning on this lovely Tuesday morning! (Have a look outside if you don't believe me - and take 2 minutes just to listen to any sounds as it may be quieter than usual)

Well done to those students who are engaging in the work that has been set for you - I know that this will take time to settle into this routine and you will need to be patience with this process - remember, we as teachers need to adjust to this as well, so it may not be completely smooth to begin with!

Based on the calendars that I attached yesterday:

  • Coping Calendar - Enjoy washing your hands - I know this is something you may not usually 'enjoy', but never underestimate the impact this can have and take to appreciate it! (I've attached the NHS guidelines).

  • March calendar - Notice when you're tired and take a break as soon as possible - This time will challenge us all and our mental well-being is something we all need to invest extra time in during the period.

  • I have asked you to follow your timetable to help you maintain a routine - but do not expect to spend a full 5 hours a day on it! The learning experience is very different at home and trying to do 5 hours a day as well maintain your own mental well-being (and those around you) will put too great a strain on you. Make time for extra breaks and activities after completing tasks (but don't stop every 5 minutes to play a round of Fortnite, for example!).

  • Teachers may not state that you have to be complete a task within your normal hour slot, but it may be up to you to split the work up to complete across the week during when those lessons are. Use my attached timetable as guidance of how to help you. Also, I know someone has being using FaceTime to speak to friends so that they can help with work - a great idea!

  • As always, all the best to you, your family and friends at this time.

    Mr Jeffrey

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