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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Like I've said before, I see or hear or most things that go on with Year 10, both from a positive and negative side. And these last few weeks have been no different; staff have been in regular contact with me updating me with all that is going on.

Now, like in my assemblies, I want to focus on the positives when I email in the morning. Only a few days ago, I asked staff for some positive feedback about how well students are engaging in and I have to be honest, I was completely overwhelmed by the feedback I received. In every email I received this long list of Year 10 students and to be honest, I couldn't have been prouder. What was even nicer to see was that the list contains such a range of people, for a variety of reasons. It was often about the effort you have put into it the work, the motivation and the resilience you have shown. Its not about 'how many marks you got' or even about whether or not every single piece of work was completed, but about your character during this time - I know some people were recognised because although they had a bit of slower start, they have really tried to make an effort recently.

Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Friday or VE Day (Victory in Europe, WW2) (read about it here) and there will be a 2 minute silence at 11.00am - take time to read about.

Please make sure that you take the opportunity for a well-earned break tomorrow and over the weekend - many of you thoroughly deserve it.

As always, take of yourself and those around you.

Mr Jeffrey

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