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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Year 10!

We're at the end-of-the-week eve! I know the weather has been cooler this week and potentially a little wet as well, but isn't there something reassuring about the predictability of British weather? I mean, I know its not your ideal chill-outside-with-a-cold-drink kind of weather, but I do love the changes in weather we get in this country, its definitely predictability unpredictable.

I know that we're all at different stages in how we are doing academically, emotionally and mentally at the moment, but I hope you feel your short term plan is more predictable, even if we're not sure how long that plan will need to be sustained.

I'm also really thrilled to hear that many of you are maintaining the contact with friends and family. I've had a five=way video call with five members of my family - that was after my Grandma made sure more than half her face was in the frame, although she did think she could whisper something to someone on the chat without the others hearing!

Maybe it would be worth trying that at break/lunchtime, as if you were all just sitting together at school?

On to our calendars!
Coping Calendar: Call a loved one to catch up and really listen to them: Its like what I was saying above, but ask them the questions - listening is a great skill and it makes people feel valued and cared.

April Calendar: Enjoy washing your hands - I know we've already had this one, but just because you may be indoors and more isolated, don't get out of the habit!

As always, take care.

Mr Jeffrey

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