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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning Year 10!

I hope you are well on what is yet another beautiful morning. Got to love these sunny days.

I want to continue with that message of creativity this morning. Its easy to sometimes label yourself as 'not being creative' (I know I always did), but actually all creativity is about is doing something a different way than you usually would.

Take a different route when walking. Mix up who is on your group chat with on the video chat or where you have that video chat. Try an alternative method of food preparation - but be aware of the short supply of some baking ingredients and that I always want to make sure you doing this sensibly with proper supervision! Try drawing and colouring with completely shade of colours that you wouldn't usually use. Take a photo a day and put in together in an album on your phone.

There are so many things that if just done a little differently can just make the day a little more interesting. After all, we are living in different times, so different approaches are often needed.

Please continue to send the statements about the things you are positively experiencing!

Take care,

Mr Jeffrey

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