Year 10 Tutor Time Resources

Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Well, I've already had some good music suggestions, so please keep them coming!

I want to keep your minds focused on the not-so-distant future again - Colleges and Apprenticeships. Some people may have their minds set on where they want to go, but I know for many of you, that journey is not quite clear; I cannot pretend that at your age I knew that I would become the waistcoat-wearing, Science-inspiring, Man Utd supporting juggernaut of a Head of Year that you know and love today.

In the Virtual Career Festival today, the focus in on the further education institutions, such as colleges. As you may have ready in the Google Classroom, Mr Kinder has said is looking less likely to have the college taster days this year, for obvious reasons. Please make the most of this opportunity.

Finally from me, we are going to have a little quiz tomorrow, so get ready!

As always, take care of yourself and those around you,

Mr Jeffrey

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