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Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Routine. Its something you've stuck to since your first day of primary school. Yes, there is an audible groan when that bell goes at the end of lunch. But secretly, I know you all miss the familiarity; the school bell, the staff in their luminous hi vis jackets at lunchtime and don't forget...the waistcoat.

How do we establish this at home? Yes, you could go about it by installing a school bell at home and having yourself dressed in school uniform every day. However, a routine isn't just about school. It's about a schedule knowing what's happening, when it's happening and how it's happening. Its a security blanket; its reliable, its predictable and a stress-reliever. It also doesn't get established in one day - its about a gradual change. I've spoken to a number of you who that have said that they've got more of a routine now than they did at the start of this all and...... you seem happier because of this.

So, some starter tips:

  • Develop a schedule (i.e. timings) where possible, "I'll do it later" is a little bit non-specific!

  • Be prepared to be flexible - If you end up spending five more minutes out in the garden playing with your dog, then shift things along a little - don't punish yourself

  • Be realistic - don't try to change it radically overnight. If you are currently getting up after 11.00am and now you want to get up at 07.00am, change this gradually each day

  • Get dressed and keep active - Dress ready for the day and where possible, go for a walk. I decided to go for a long walk yesterday and it cleared my head and a change of environment was very welcome

  • It was lovely to hear about what your families are up to at this point - please keep them coming!

    As always, take care of yourself and those around you,

    Mr Jeffrey

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