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Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Again, we have ourselves a lovely, sunny day. Take the time this morning whilst its crisp & fresh to appreciate the sun on your face and the calm in the air.

I am in the unusual situation of writing this email from the School building. There was definitely some apprehension to coming in - I haven't been in since the first Monday after we broke up, but I have to say being able to drive further than the supermarket definitely felt like some sort of freedom.

I've sat down and looked around the building - its not as unusual as I was expecting it. Yes, it's missing all your happy, smiling faces. And, yes, I haven't got my waistcoat on. But everything else in the building has remained the same. Chairs where they were left. The familiar posters on the wall. I mean, what was I really expecting?!?

This morning I want you think about the times when you've over-thought something in your head and you're prepared for it be worse that it probably ended up turning out. How often do we think it's going turn out better than it actually does? Remember, how you are feeling right now is not how you will be feeling tomorrow. Or in a week.

So, I don't want you worrying about what could be happening in the future. Take time to appreciate the here and now. What are the positives you can focus on today? My positive that I'm looking focusing on is that I get to have a portion of the 'bangin' Chicken Korma (curry) I made last night.

Take some time to be positive about the small things each day.

As always, take care of yourself and those around you,

Mr Jeffrey

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