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Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Year 10!

I hope you have a restful weekend and the opportunity to switch off and spend time with people around you.

I know last week was not easy to adapt to and I hope this week you are a bit more prepared of what to expect this week - remember, take your time and don't burn yourself out by trying to do the full 5 hours a day.

Things to think about from today's calendar:
1. Coping Calendar: Contact a neighbor or friend and offer to help them - I've heard plenty of people saying "If there's anything I can help with, please let me know", which is a lovely thought. I'm not saying I don't appreciate that, as I'm sure they would help, but as human beings, its not always easy to ask for specific help as we feel we are inconveniencing people. If you hear that they need help with a specific problem, offer a specific solution (e.g. Would you like me to collect this from the shops for you) or the best question, "tell me what you need help with" - and hopefully people are a little more OK with accepting help.
2. March Calendar - Mentally scan down your body and notice what it is feeling - Taking note of what your body is feeling and what it needs and taking time to appreciate the positives is important. We sometimes just let our body do its job but don't often think about "how am I feeling?"

My plans for this week -

1. Standing outside with a cup of tea - even its on your doorstop, feeling the cool air in the morning with a brew helps you take stock of things around you.
2. Cook more curry - I thought I would invest in making some good curries that a while to make. This weeks special - Chicken Saag (spinach based). I know some of you are occupying yourself with some cooking or baking and its a great time to think about helping out a bit more at home.

Video of the day to think about: - start your day with this and think positive!

As always, take care,

Mr Jeffrey

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