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Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning Year 10!

I sit here is School this morning with a fresh bout of enthusiasm, so positive messages are coming your way!

As I drove in this morning, I started thinking about how we deal with changes in our lives. Think back to the last significant change that happened in your life. I thought about to the next change in my life and after I understood what it could mean, a panic started to set in. We sometimes have that tendency to focus on how things can change for the negative. So, I shook myself and made a clear list of all the positives and it highlighted many things I was looking forward to and the list became overwhelmingly positive.

However, I don't sit here thinking that every change that happens can be reduced to "thinking positive" and suddenly everything is OK - I know many of you have had deal with some very challenging changes. Sometimes with the most difficult changes, it takes time to adjust to it and to be able to stand back and look at the positives. A real sign of maturity is that skill of reflection - looking back and thinking about what positives did you encounter and how they have impacted you for the better.

On to today's Music:

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

Rick Astley - Everlong (cover of a great Foo Fighters song)(p.s this is not a rick-rolling opportunity.....or is it?)

As always, take care of yourself and those around you,

Mr Jeffrey

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