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Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Well, that all depends on what time you are reading this, but of course we've all had to adapt our lifestyles to a new 'normal' and I imagine everyone's 'normal' is different.

There are plenty of you that I have heard from and I am really pleased to hear all your stories. Yes, there have been some challenges so far (and may be some more) but lots of you are trying to take control of what you can in this situation - whether that is building a climbing wall in your bedroom, starting a new band (within social distancing rules!), walking up the height of Everest (on your stairs) or making some delicious chocolates - they are all fantastic ways of supporting your own well being.

However, I know that this isn't always the same for everyone and I appreciate that everyone's circumstances are different. Many of you will be investing a lot of time in your family. We all cope with things differently, but please don't assume that everyone has decided to learn some new skill or found a love of a new hobby. For some, it is about using this time to build on their current skills and confidence. For me - I was quite uncomfortable at the thought of going to do some shopping - all sorts of thoughts were going through my head (after all, I live with an ICU nurse, so I try to be very careful). When I first went, I still didn't find it a pleasant experience. But to cope with it, I listen to music when I go round - its a way of coping with potentially unpleasant experience. Now, I can enjoy Reclaim Vienna whilst picking up potatoes.

Last week, I asked for your positive experiences or changes in mindset. I will still like to hear these if I can, but I would also like to hear of the things you have found challenging and what you have done to try and overcome these. The aim is to try and share these and you may find some of the solutions other people suggest useful.

Take care of yourself and those around you,

Mr Jeffrey

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