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Monday 23rd March 2020

March Calendar

Good morning Year 10!

I hope you are all well after the weekend and are geared up for doing some work! Remember to let me know if you are unable to complete work at home.

Like I said to those of you who were in on Friday, things are definitely uncertain at the moment - there are plenty of things we cannot control, so lets think this week about what we can control.

My attachment includes the current 'Coping Calendar' and the 'March Calendar' - remember this isn't just for you, but to help support those around us.

1. Coping Calendar - Make a plan to help you keep calm and stay in contact - I was unable to see my Mum / grandparents this week, so I am planning to FaceTime my Grandma! Also, make plans for the week - keep to your school timetable and schedule tasks in between - reading, TV, ringing someone. I've thought about who I will ring and I've got a list of DIY-related jobs that have come my way as well as books I want to read - many Science related!
2. Take an unusual route and notice what looks different - This doesn't have to be a literal route (e.g a walk) but could be a change to any routine. Is there anything that you now notice which wasn't apparent before? Take time to appreciate the little things in life.

As always, be sensible and safe. We are all part of a bigger family, whether at home or at school, so please look after each other.

Happy Monday!

Mr Jeffrey

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