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Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Welcome back! I hope you have had an opportunity to have a break and 'reset' after the last two weeks. I know many of you will have tried to maintain a routine to keep your mind at ease and may have taken more time for yourself and other around you.

As with every other year, at this point, you would be sitting eagerly in your Tutor groups, keen to get on to the next lesson. Yes, this year it is a little different, but it is important to approach this with the same maturity as we would always do. If you have completely switched off, here are some reminders of things to help you with getting back to the routine:

1. Set yourself a timetable that is based on your school timetable, but includes things that are non-school work related. I am not expecting that you spend the full five hours each day on school work.
2. Set non-school work goals with you for each week. Don't try to overwhelm yourself with big goals (and lots all at once), but small achievable goals will help you.
3. Communicate effectively - Contact myself and others if you are needing support - we are here to help (and we would all love the opportunity to help you!)
4. Coping Calendar: Immerse yourself in a new TV, book or podcast. My new TV show this week: The Mandalorian. My book: 'Nature's building blocks' (yes, its a Science book!).

My goals this week:

1. Begin an online Sign language course
2. Cook myself another curry (I cooked a wicked Saag curry last week)
3. Exercise each day

As always, please stay in touch - believe it or not, we all miss you! Continue to look after yourself and others around you.

Take care,

Mr Jeffrey

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