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Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning Year 10!

Can you believe that we are nearly five days into this new way of working? Routines take time to establish, but you if you managed to make a plan and have been engaging in the work, well done! I know some of you may have limited access to the internet or have to share with devices with siblings, but do take a moment to look back at the last five days and give yourself the well-deserved recognition that you deserve.

Coping Calendar - Get active. Even if you stuck indoors, move and stretch! Take a little walk outside as part of your daily exercise. I know I spent what felt like a long time time sitting at my desk working and needed to get out of the house. Exercise is massively beneficial to your mental well-being!

March Calendar - Stop work earlier and use the time to be still and relax - I know you may not have the same 'weekend feeling' coming up, after all, you're still staying at home! At some point today, take a moment to sit outside, or by an open window, switch everything off, close your eyes just appreciate the quiet. The weekend will be soon upon us, so please do take this time to switch off, reset, review and relax! This will be my first birthday in isolation, so I will be taking the time to switch off and relax as well.

As mentioned in a previously assembly, the tutors are choosing our Friday music. This one is brought you in by Mrs James, Stand by me, by Ben E King - This was her first dance at her wedding! I'm not sure if I 'danced' to this one or not. Maybe it was later that I tore up the dance-floor.

As always, take care of yourself and others around you.

Mr Jeffrey

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