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Friday 19th June 2020

Good morning Year 10!

The first week back is nearly done! I know that you may be thinking it was only one day but that is significant in itself. It may have re-energised you or help you re-establish a routine. It has been great to see so many of you in the mornings, with smiles and all! Yes, there have been a few of you who like they hadn't seen the hours before 13.00 for a long time, but you still managed!

I have expressed to all your teachers how pleased I am with all of you. And all teachers I have talked to have said how well you have worked these last few days - a real reflection of your excellent attitude these last few weeks.

So, for the moment you've all been waiting assembly. This one only took one attempt, mainly because I couldn't be bothered faffing with re-takes.

We also have today's music suggestions:


Next to Me by Imagine Dragons

Worry - Songhoy Blues (Also, try this if you like their style)

Arcade fire - Wake up (I also love)


Adele - 21

Jack Johnson - In between dreams

Rumer - Seasons of my soul

Arcade fire- Funeral

Have a lovely weekend and as always, look after yourself and those around you.

Mr Jeffrey

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