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Friday 12th June 2020

Good morning Year 10!

I hope this message finds you well and that you are looking forward to a well-earned weekend break.

I know that by today you should have received your timetable for the next couple of weeks and I'm sure that brought its own mix of emotions with it. Excited to see people again? Anxious about coming back in in? Relieved to get back in the school routine? All this is completely natural - you have been working from home for a number of weeks and some of you have likely got settled into this routine. But, I do think it is important to re-establish contact with school where possible - you are all part of of the Year 10 family and we want you to feel secure and happy when you return to school. I also hope it was nice to hear from your Tutors this week.

So, things I would like you to take note of or consider for next week:

  • Before you come in for your sessions next week, make a note or list of anything you have found particularly challenging or need further guidance with. We're here to support you and I'm going to brag on behalf of all the teachers - we are experts in our field, so make the most of the guidance we can offer.

  • I will be in at least every morning - you will see my smiling face welcoming you in and I will come and check in on you in your morning session and be available if you require further support.

  • Tutors will be delivering a Character Development session next week which will be available on your Google classroom, so please make sure you have accepted the invitation!

  • Friday is now going to be album recommendation day, so today's are:

    Parachutes - Coldplay - A classic favourite of mine

    Absolution - Muse - Heavier than Coldplay (not heavy-metal heavy!) and and I love the style of Muse

    Illinois - Sufjan Stevens - A bit different but has some great little tracks (and some odd ones) but an easy listening album

    I look forward to seeing you all soon and, as always, take care of yourself and those around you.

    Mr Jeffrey

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