'A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.'
Marcus Garvey

Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Intent

The study of history reveals our place in the world. History uncovers our roots and foreshadows our future. History helps us to unpick the complexity of the past. History is the study of people. It is fascinating and it is enlightening. But it is also vast. Our history curriculum is designed to tell the story of our island nation as a connected part of world history; Britain as part of the world; not the centre of it. Therefore we take a chronological approach to explore the peoples and civilisations that have shaped our modern world. Our curriculum gives context to the essential signposts in British History on our journey to the present.

But history also equips students with the tools to navigate a complex global present. The responsible teaching of history has never been as vital to inoculate young people against the avalanche of alternative facts in the age of mass social media. Students will learn how to diagnose opinion from fact, to assess the validity of evidence against bias and points of view. This broad and challenging curriculum requires students to engage with a wide variety of historical experiences and fosters their critical and thinking skills. Having done so, students will be better equipped to understand the global world and succeed in life.