Staff List 2018/19

Miss J Brandreth MBA, BA (Hons), NPQH  
Mrs S du Plessis BA (Hons), MSc English
Mr M Keenan BSc (Hons), NPQH Science
Mr M Snelson BSc (Hons), MSc Creative Computing & Media
Mrs D Balmer BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Mr A Carter MPhys (Hons) Science
Mr R Warburton BA (Hons) English
Mrs A Pimlatt   Principal's PA/Business Manager: Personnel 
Mr J Simms   Head of Finance 
Mrs A Blackburn BA (Hons) Year 7 (English)
Mrs A Lacey BSc (Hons) Year 8 (Creative Computing & Media)
Mr B Jeffrey BSc (Hons) Year 9 (Science)
Mrs K Berry BA (Hons) Year 10 (English, Physical Education)
Mrs M Yates BA (Hons), NPQSL Year 11 (English)
Miss G Ashford BSc (Hons) Learning Support (SENDco)
Mr S Burton BSc (Hons) Geography
Miss K Clark BA (Hons) English
Mr A Cripps BA (Hons) Creative Computing & Media
Mrs J Curry BMus Grad RNCM (Hons) Music
Miss H Huxley BA (Hons) Art & Design
Mr M Kinder BSc (Hons) Careers (Mathematics)
Miss E Loughborough BA (Hons) Religious Studies
Mrs L Measures BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Mr A Oldham BA (Hons) History
Mrs H Ratcliffe BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Miss C Thomas BSc (Hons) Science
Mrs J Towers BA (Hons) Education for Life (Physical Education)
Mr M Turner BA (Hons) Physical Education
Miss C Whitfield BEd (Hons) Design & Technology
Mrs J Barber BA (Hons) Second in Design & Technology
Miss L Barlow BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs R Butcher BA (Hons) Second in English
Ms A Chew BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S Cresswell BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Miss H Fullwood BA (Hons) Design & Technology / Art
Mrs L Garratt BA (Hons) English
Mrs J Gibbard BA (Hons) Art & Design
Mr E Gregory BSc (Hons) Second in Mathematics, Numeracy Co-ordinator
Mrs A Hunt BSc (Hons) Science
Mrs R Jones MChem (Hons) Science, Key Stage 3 Lead
Mrs A Lamb BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs L Lemon BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mr G Lennon BA (Hons) History
Mr C Malam BA (Hons) Mathematics
Mrs H Marklove BSc (Hons) Physical Education & School Sports Co-ordinator
Mr J Martin BSc (Hons) Science
Mrs L Mason BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mr M Mitchell BSc (Hons) Science, Progress & Internention Co-ordinator
Ms C Onyia BA (Hons) Geography
Miss K Phillips BSc (Hons) Second in Geography
Mr D Smith LLB (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Steele BEd (Hons) Geography
Mrs R Stevenson BSc (Hons) Science
Miss S Thornton BA (Hons) English
Mr S Trevithick BA (Hons) Second in Physical Education
Mrs S Turner BSc (Hons) Second in Learning Support (Science)
Mr G Valiant BSc (Hons) Second in Creative Computing & Media
Mr P Walker BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Miss A Warburton BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Mr S Webster BA (Hons) Key Stage 3 Lead in Mathematics
Mrs L Wells BMus (Hons) Music, Geography
Mr G Williams MA (Hons) Second in History
Mrs K Wood BSc (Hons) Mathematics
*Please note all teaching colleagues also have a specific teaching qualification such as a PGCE
Mr J Donaldson BA (Hons) Brass
Mrs L Moss BA (Hons) Flute
Mrs C Powlson BA (Hons) Brass/Keyboard
Miss J Puckey B Mus (Hons), M Mus Clarinet/Saxophone
Mr S Walker CT LCM Guitar/Drums
Mrs J Allen   Librarian
Mr D Ashbrook   Technology Technician
Mr M Bell   ICT Technician
Mrs S Bowen   Pastoral Manager
Mrs S Bowyer   Science Technician
Mr D Boylan   Site Manager
Mrs S Daly   Assistant Education Support Worker
Mrs A Davies   Pastoral Administration
Miss K Delaney   IER Manager
Mrs J Dixon   Pastoral Administration
Mrs N Fitzsimmons   Reprographics and Student Receptionist
Mrs R Goulbourne   Finance Officer
Mrs S Greenwood   Education Support Worker
Mrs A Hadfield   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T Harrison   Finance Officer
Miss L Hobson   Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Hood   Curriculum Support Assistant
Miss L Hough   Cover Supervisor
Mrs I Hughes   Learning Support Assistant
Mr D Jones   Media Arts Manager
Mrs G Jones   Web and Clerical Assistant
Mrs A Keeble   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Larkin   Administration
Mrs E McDonnell   Education Visits Co-ordinator
Miss A McDougall   Assistant Caretaker
Ms H Mutch   Student Counsellor
Miss K O'Brien   Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Platt   Cover Supervisor
Mr A Ralph   Curriculum Support Manager
Mrs T Rose   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Rose-Wardle   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Sayle   Assistant Education Support Worker
Mrs S Shaw   Administration
Miss D Smith   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Snasdell   Receptionist
Mrs J Stevens   Education Support Worker
Mrs J Szewców   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Wilding   Caretaker
Mr D Williams   Senior Science Technician
Miss N Williams   Education Support Worker
Mrs S Williamson   Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Wrenn   Caretaker
Mrs D Astles    
Mrs M Higgins    
Miss H Hodkinson    
Mrs S McGahan    
Ms K McMahon    
Mrs R Pugh    
Mrs D Astles    
Mrs L Crowther    
Mrs J Hamman    
Mrs S McGahan    
Mrs K Nicholls    
Ms M Sansam    
Miss A Wilding    
Mrs S Williams    
Mrs L Wright    
Mrs P Wright