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The new CHSL Library e-books application SORA is now available on RM Unify. With SORA you can borrow up to five e-books and/or audio books at a time to read on your own computers, smart phones and tablets. As well as fiction, non fiction and graphic novels, including Accelerated Reader books, there is also a range of study guides.

To log on:-

-Log on to RM Unify as normal (via
-Scroll down to the bottom where SORA Ebooks is listed, and click on it
-Sign into your school appears - Select The County High School from the drop down box Select your School
-Click on the blue button Sign in using The County High School Leftwich
-Click on Use another account under the Choose an account to continue to Over Drive heading (note: it may list your own home google account as you will be using your own phone/laptop etc, but do not log on with that as you won't have access)
-At the Sign in to Over Drive heading, enter your Leftwich High email address and click Next
-Accept any messages pressing OK - You should then be logged on to SORA.

The SORA application can also be downloaded onto Android and Apple devices, and accessed using your Leftwich High email address.

SORA is very easy to use - there is a search function at the top to search for a specific book, or scroll through the different sections, or select Popular Subjects or Explore All Subjects. There are even MFL books, non fiction books, graphic novels and audio books available.

To look at a book, double click on the picture, and another screen will open with the information. If you would like to read it, select BORROW. You can then read the book, clicking to turn the pages. Next to the book information, it will display if the book has an Accelerated Reader quiz.

Some books are always available, and some books only have limited numbers available, so you may need to place a hold on them to reserve them when they become available.

There is a short overview video which can be watched.

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