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In today's busy world it is not easy to know what is best for your child at lunch time. It may not be convenient for your child to come home. This is where we can help.

We aim to produce a quality meal which will appeal to your children, whilst offering value for money. We offer a great choice and a good variety from one day to another. The meals are nutritionally balanced and served by experienced catering staff, who are always there to help. We only use high quality products that are in line with the current national guidelines, and are sourced, wherever possible, from local and seasonal suppliers and includes free range eggs, meat and fruit & vegetables. The majority of recipes are high in fibre, low in fat, sugar and salt.

The Canteen is open for breakfast from 8am to 8:45am every school day. Students can choose from: toast, bacon sandwiches, beans-on-toast, fresh fruit and a selection of hot and cold drinks. Students for whom the Pupil Premium provides support automatically get a 1 credit added to their account and simply need to use the biometric Cashless Catering system in the canteen. Research shows that students who have a breakfast, at home or at school, will arrive in lessons more focused and ready to learn.

If you have lunch time activities, or there is a need for a quick lunch, we can supply a bespoke picnic bag, which can be pre-ordered at breakfast or break. Then at lunch time you "grab the bag and go!" from the designated collection point. Please click on the dates below to see the full weeks menu.

Free meals in Cheshire, are you entitled?

If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you could be entitled to Free School meals. For further information contact the Free School Meals Team Tel: 0300 123 7039 or click here

Click on a link below to see each weeks menu.

Tuesday 4th Sept - Week 1
Monday 7th Jan - Week 4
Monday 15th April - Week 3
Monday 10th Sept - Week 2
Monday 14th Jan - Week 1
Tuesday 23rd April - Week 4
Monday 17th Sept - Week 3
Monday 21st Jan - Week 2
Monday 29th April - Week 1
Monday 24th Sept - Week 4
Monday 28th Jan - Week 3
Tuesday 7th May - Week 2
Monday 1st Oct - Week 1
Monday 4th Feb - Week 4
Monday 13th May - Week 3
Monday 8th Oct - Week 2
Monday 11th Feb - Week 1
Monday 20th May - Week 4
Monday 15th Oct - Week 3
Monday 22nd Oct - Week 4
Monday 25th Feb - Week 2
Monday 3rd June - Week 1
Monday 4th March - Week 3
Monday 10th June - Week 2
Monday 5th Nov - Week 1
Monday 11th March - Week 4
Monday 17th June - Week 3
Monday 12th Nov - Week 2
Monday 18th March - Week 1
Monday 24th June - Week 4
Monday 19th Nov - Week 3
Monday 25th March - Week 2
Monday 1st July - Week 1
Monday 26th Nov - Week 4
Monday 8th July - Week 2
Monday 3rd Dec - Week 1
Monday 15th July - Week 3
Monday 10th Dec - Week 2
Monday 17th Dec - Week 3


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