Excellent GCSE Results, 23rd August 2018

County High School students and staff achieved well-deserved GCSE success as they celebrated excellent results, sustaining the Academy's reputation for high academic attainment. Principal, Julie Brandreth, acknowledged the sheer joy of knowing that all the hard work of everyone connected to "Team Leftwich" has been so justly rewarded, commenting : "These superb results have been earned against the backdrop of the biggest reorganisation of the exam system in decades. August 2018 is the time when these extensive GCSE reforms have peaked, so I am more proud than ever that all the care, dedication and thorough preparation have been realised so convincingly."

English grade 4+ (C+) : 85% Maths grade 4+ (C+) : 81% Science grade 4+ (C+) : 85% - and 1 in 4 of all grades achieved in a proudly inclusive school at grade 7+ (A+).

Chair of Governors, Chris Penter, added :"I am delighted to acknowledge the superb team effort that has secured these splendid results. Students, parents, staff and governors supporting each other especially in times of tremendous change and uncertainty have enabled our students to maximise their potential, so they can now progress confidently to their chosen post-16 destinations. They all deserve our sincere congratulations!"

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