Impressive GCSE Results, 24th August 2017

Happy County High School families celebrate impressive GCSE results:

87% achieved 4+ in English; 83% gained 4+ in Mathematics; 80% acquired 4+ in both English and Mathematics; 28% of grades in all subjects were A+ (or the equivalent 7+ in English and Mathematics), and 14 students achieved grade 9 in the new Mathematics GCSE, the new highest grade possible.

Principal, Julie Brandreth, explained: "This year's GCSE results mark the beginning of a new system of GCSEs and grades, meaning two sets of GCSE grades will be published alongside each other for three years as the reforms the DfE introduced are phased. Although this mix means like-for-like comparisons with previous years' results are not possible, I am absolutely delighted with the obviously successful, high academic attainment we have achieved because of the dedication and hard work of every member of 'Team Leftwich'. I am immensely proud of every resilient student, determined colleague, understanding governor and supportive parent. These are undoubtedly results to celebrate."

Chair of Governors, Chris Penter, added: "Against a backdrop of uncertainty and anticipated volatility in the system this year, I am thrilled that the Academy has, once again, secured such excellent academic results for all our students. I congratulate the whole team."

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