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Absence Guide Letter - September 2020

Covid Guide for Parents/Carers - September 2020


Tour of the school

My Mind - Top Ten Support Links

Parent Pamphlet - Coping with Change

Student Booklet - Coping with Change

Student Support - Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing

Accessing Google Classrooms

Learning at home

Work for students who are absent from school

Coronavirus Student Support Presentation

Virtual Tutor Time Resources

Year 7 Tutor Time Resources

Year 8 Tutor Time Resources

Year 9 Tutor Time Resources

Year 10 Tutor Time Resources

Year 11 Tutor Time Resources

Virtual Tutor Time Resources - Videos

We miss you

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How will you orchestrate your day

Spend Wisely

Virtual Tutor Time Resources - Activities

Kindness Diary

Kindness Diary Answer Booklet

Home Learning

Home Learning Year 7 - Summer Term 2

Home Learning Year 8 - Summer Term 2

Home Learning Year 9 - Summer Term 2

Home Learning Year 10 - Summer Term 2

Home Learning Year 11 - Summer Term 2

Home Learning Year 7 - Summer Term 1

Home Learning Year 8 - Summer Term 1

Home Learning Year 9 - Summer Term 1

Home Learning Year 10 - Summer Term 1

Home Learning Year 11 - Summer Term 1

Login Guide - SAM, MathsWatch, Active Learn & Accelerated Reader

Submitting work on Google Classrooms

For login help please email

Virtual Assemblies

Virtual Assembly No. 7

Virtual Assembly No. 6

Virtual Assembly No. 5

Virtual Assembly No. 4

Virtual Assembly No. 3

Virtual Assembly No. 2

Virtual Assembly No. 1


Safeguarding Covid-19 Addendum

Government and NHS Advice

NHS - Coronavirus COVID-19: advice for everyone

Gov.UK - Coronavirus COVID-19: what you need to do

Gov.UK - COVID-19: guidance on supporting children and young people's mental health and wellbeing

NHS - Mental Health Apps

Supporting Children with SEND

Gov.UK - help children with SEND continue their education during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Internet Safety Advice

There is a lot of support available to keep your child safe online. Below are some useful links to help parents and carers:

A guide to in-game chat

In game chat: what parents and carers need to know

A guide to live streaming

Tik Tok: what parent's need to know

Thinkuknow - provides advice from the National Crime Agency (NCA) on staying safe online.

Parent Info - is a collaboration between Parentzone and the NCA providing support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations.

Childnet - offers a toolkit to support parents and carers of children of any age to start discussions about their online life, to set boundaries around online behaviour and technology use, and to find out where to get more help and support.

Internet Matters - provides age-specific online safety checklists, guides on how to set parental controls on a range of devices, and a host of practical tips to help children get the most out of their digital world.

London Grid for Learning - has support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online, including tips to keep primary aged children safe online.

Net-aware - has support for parents and carers from the NSPCC, including a guide to social networks, apps and games

Let's Talk About It - has advice for parents and carers to keep children safe from online radicalisation.

UK Safer Internet Centre - has tips, advice, guides and other resources to help keep children safe online, including parental controls offered by home internet providers and safety tools on social networks and other online services.

Children's Commissioner - Childrens Digital Safety Wellbeing Kit

Children's Commissioner - Parents Digital Safety Wellbeing Kit


Updated September 2020 Letter - 28th August 2020

September 2020 Opening Letter - 24th August 2020

End of Year Letter - 14th July 2020

CHSL September 2020 - 10th July 2020

Year 11 - 8th July 2020

Tutor Review Meetings - 26th June 2020

Home learning update - 23rd June 2020

CHSL reopening update - 19th June 2020

CHSL reopening update - 10th June 2020

CHSL reopening to more students - 5th June 2020

CHSL reopening to more students - 22nd May 2020

Coronavirus Message 13th May 2020

Coronavirus Message 1st May 2020

Coronavirus Message 17th April 2020

Coronavirus Message 3rd April 2020

Coronavirus Message 1st April 2020

Coronavirus Message 27th March 2020

Coronavirus Message 24th March 2020

Coronavirus Letter - information for key workers and parentrs/carers of vulnerable students 20th March 2020

Coronavirus Letter - Year 11 Closure 19th March 2020

Coronavirus Letter - School Closure 18th March 2020

Coronavirus Letter 18th March 2020

Coronavirus Letter 13th March 2020

Coronavirus Letter 11th March 2020

Coronavirus Letter February 2020

GCSE Information

Ofqual and the DfE have just released guidance regarding the awarding of GCSE grades for Year 11 students. Please find attached a letter for students.

Please be reassured that we will consider this guidance very carefully and ensure that all Year 11 students get the grades they deserve. The County High School, Leftwich's previous strong results will place current Year 11 in good position during the standardisation process.

More information to follow after Easter,

Mr Snelson

Ofqual Letter - 3rd April 2020

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