Remote Access / Electronic Communication

The School places great importance upon the value of partnership-working, our most significant partners being parents and carers. We thus strive to provide high quality information to parents/carers and make accessing this information as straight forward as possible. We believe that keeping you informed and up-to-date with your child's progress helps you to support your child's learning. Our website remains the main point of information.
During the academic year we will be forwarding important information via the InTouch Communication system.
Please click here to view the InTouch Communications log.

Remote access

Students and staff can access their files from home using the 'Remote Access' Quick Link from the homepage of the website or by clicking here


All students and staff have a school email account. The information is stored, checked and monitored in school and as such is a much safer than publicly available email systems such as MSN or Yahoo mail. Students are not able to access these public email systems from within school. To login to school email, click here and use your normal school username and password.

Internet Safety

The internet and devices that can connect to it, can be a powerful learning tool. Our children need to learn to work independently in order to develop skills such as researching and analysis of text, however they also need supervision if they are to stay safe in a world where there can sometimes be little editorial control over what they see. Click here for more information.